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Lesson 4 (Wave Conference)

posted 12 Jun 2010, 01:18 by Roderick Chia
It was a very fulfilling session to get update of progress and discussion with all the groups. Running to all the groups and participate in the multi-threaded discussion is an information overload to my brain.  Through it was manageable but after all the sessions over, I'm totally brain drain and took a 15 min nap to recover ;-)

The session is to encourage participant to use Google Wave tool to conduct meeting in event that face-to-face meeting is hard to arrange.  It is not a replacement for face-to-face meeting.  It was a best alternative when common timing for face-to-face meeting is hard to come by.  This is so that progress update and discussion would not be delayed and project can move on smoothly.  Currently, every EN105A participants (under me) were given accounts and these account will be with them for life.  I have no intention to delete the account even after the course so that they can continue to use this tool for future discussion.

Not everyone could get used to such way of multi-threaded discussion.  It needs some getting use too. But in this information overload world, such skill is increasingly a necessity rather than a privilege. For those that may still require more wave discussion, please keep me in the loop so that I can monitor and feedback along the way.