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Update Wave & Overcoming Great Firewall of China

posted 6 Jun 2010, 01:16 by Roderick Chia
I have noticed that very few has went in and tested out the Google Wave application yet. The Wave Conference will be in a week time and it is important to go in and be familiarise with it. You need to be mindful that all latest technology comes with its adoption challenge.  So it is important to test it out first, as not being able to get in due to whatever unforeseen reason is unlikely to be valid since most of those reasons are foreseeable if you bother to test it out first.  I have put some simple instruction in the Wave to you.  If you go in and test the Wave, do read those instruction and follow as was told.  It sometimes bother me a lot when i cannot understand why intelligent undergraduates cannot follow simple instruction and worse off, have the cheek to appeal of better result!

Please be mindful that certain computer may require to install additional components in order to use Google Wave.  Too old computer may also be a little laggy when using Google Wave because, this application is kind of resource intensive running on browser.  Also most of the Google applications have intermittent problem in China. This was even before Google exited China.  The "Great Firewall of China" is a well known problem in internet.  They are highly efficient in blocking out website that has not gone through their filtering.  In order to increase the chance (but not guaranty) of being able to access the tool that I setup for you, you may need to use alternate URL addresses.  See below for more information.

Default URL Address

In China, use the following URL Address