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Business Plan Presentation

posted 20 Nov 2010, 23:18 by Roderick Chia
In business, it is often that those who are privileged to obtain exclusive information would have the competitive advantage. Others manipulate information to their advantage. However, in EN105, we not only want to see progress, we need to also have visibility to the process.  As such disclosure of all information is important in order for the instructors to be able to grade the participants accurately. Honesty and integrity are 2 main values that cannot be compromised. It upset me when I notice that some groups trying to hide essential information so that their business plan looks better and they seems more capable. While not all did it intentionally and some did it out of ignorance, I'm tolerance of such mistake. As such, I allow all to resubmit their plan to us and I'll ignore their previous plan. The deadline is end of Sunday, 21 Nov 2010, 2359 hrs. Send it directly to the respective instructor's email. If we find dishonesty in any way through our investigation, it will cost you dearly in your grading and no appeal shall be entertained. Be Smart not Smart Alec!