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Reading Students' Blog

posted 6 Feb 2011, 18:16 by Roderick Chia
Having been reading all the blog of various groups, I think it would be good to express some thought as a reference for all, especially to those that I didn't leave any comment on their blog.

I enjoy seeing blogs that are well updated and are doing so in a regular manner. They give me a sense of progress in the groups and I'm comfortable that things are moving, even though they may or may not be smooth. Some blogs are torturing to read.

Eg. No update for about 2 months then suddenly put up many entries in retrospect. Worse when the entries may not follow strictly in chronological order of events. I was totally lost in perspective of space and time trying to make sense of what I read. I also saw blogs that students griped about having to manage so many things at a time such as CCA and other projects. Sincerely, while this is kind of interesting to note but those information are totally useless for me. Actually, I'm not allow to take this into any consideration at all. If one choose to over commit oneself, it is one's choice. Every decision has a price. If the price is low grade due to under performance of project, so be it. Accept it and be responsible for the initial decision to over commit.