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Schedule for consultation

posted 4 Jun 2014, 20:32 by Roderick Chia
Here is the final schedule for the coming consultation session.

0900-0930 [Piccolo Plus: Group 6]
0930-1000 [Artote: Group 1] - looking at the activities on their blog, or rather the lack of activities, this group is trying "very hard" to fail!.  When I see group that try so hard, I'll also try my best to fulfil their wish!!
1000-1030 [Macho Moosely: Group 3]
1030-1100 [CubeHub: Group 2]
1100-1130 [Rajansh Culinary: Group 5]
1130-1200 [Skyrus: Group 4]

Please be fair to everyone and be on time so that later group would not need to wait for their turn. I had emphasis the importance of responsibility countless time and I hope everyone can take it seriously. For those that did not blog enough, this is the last warning before the consultation if you do not want to face the music from me. Everyone MUST turn out for this consultation, physically or virtually. To be highly effective, this time I'll introduce a format. 
5 min - brief overview of your venture
10 min - update each and EVERY members' work in relation to the venture
15 min - discussion on problems and solutions

Be totally prepared for this consultation with me and Adrian. Good luck.