Roderick Chia

Roderick Chia

Mr Roderick Chia is the course instructor for EN105A. He created this site to facilitate the projects to be done by the students.

Sometime it is good to know the background of your instructor so that you can make better use of his knowledge and experience to your advantage. To find out more, just click on the presentation above to see enlarged version.

Networking is important for entrepreneur but it is not easy to have quality networking if one just go around attending networking session casually. Being an IT person, I believe in the power of Internet. Among the social networking available in the cyber space, I'm especially attracted to LinkedIn. This is a professional social networking site with many users being professional with high level profile. Unlike other more casual social networking site, LinkedIn is for professional like you and me. Most people will put up detail of this profile there and many HR company used this to help in their recruitment process. I'm currently managing 3 LinkedIn group. I have just created EN105 group to linked up all participants of EN105 from now and future. TIPA group is for TIP Association (all E-Minor students are also qualify to join. Please indicated that you are from E-Minor so that I can approve the request) and IdEA group is for Innovators and Entrepreneurs Association (for anyone interested in Innovation and Entrepreneurship)that I founded. Feel free to join these group by clicking the logo below.


My EN105 Project!

The focus of EN105A is on launching a student-based small business project or project of substantial entrepreneurial endeavour.


EN105 is a very challenging course for any instructor as it is not easy to effectively monitor so many projects and be fair in grading the effort and the ability of the students. In project that involved a team of people, we need to be very careful to make sure that there are no free loader. edveNTUre is not very useful in helping to manage this yet engaging external system might be too costly.

Solution Space

I believe in Innovation and the concept of thinking out-of-the-box. However, we are living in this real world with real constrains that cannot be ignored. Out-of-the-box innovation might not be the most practical approach as proposed solution might not be implementable. Like it or not, I need to work within a boundary and be forced to think within-the-box. Some constrains are real and physical and can never be broken but some are self defined and could be subjected to changes if necessary. As long as the boundary box is larger than the innovation box, there will be innovative solution between the 2 boxes. So that's where my challenges lie. Below is a list of the considerations that I envisioned while embarking on this project:

    1. The objective of this project is to develop a system that can help me to manage the EN105A effectively and enable me to grade the students fairly in an objective way for a subjective module.

    2. There is almost no budget for such system as the use of edveNTUre is free to NTC (need to verify on this).

    3. Need to confine to NTU's IT policy and legal framework.

    4. Need to able student to blog easily using user-friendly tool.

    5. Enable every individual to blog so that individual contributions can be determined.

    6. Allow peer review be conducted online and be computed automatically in the system.

    7. System should support instructor to easily grade many projects that he needs to manage.

    8. It will be helpful if the project can be achieved for reference by other batches in future so that there is no repeated project year after years.

    9. There is not time for user acceptant test as such the work flow must be taught through thoroughly before implemented.

    10. etc. (more consideration may be added once the system gone live and tested)

The Proposed Solution

The proposed solution is what you are seeing and will be using. It is based on Google App and it comes free. It is powerful tool but need some customising to meet the requirement above. More instruction will be given on how to use it.