Requirements & Legal

Important Notice

In EN105A/ET9105A/ET9135A, students are required to launch a business venture or social enterprise which, however small, exposes students to the application of business concepts. It is expected that students will form project teams. No capital investments are required whatsoever; rather the time invested in this project forms a key factor. However, should students choose to make capital investments, they can do so at their own risk. The project needs to be planned, presented to the instructor, and launched within roughly 6 months (see timetable above) as student-initiated business.

The projects are undertaken by students at their own risks, and costs or liability shall not be the responsibility of NTC or its staff. Students are personally liable for the obligations they have undertaken and need to ensure compliance with Singapore laws and regulations as required by different regulatory agencies.

Student teams and external parties who may be involved in projects are required to do their own due diligence and conduct their own independent assessment on the projects’ (financial) viability and feasibility. Student teams are free to adopt or reject advice provided by NTC (or NTU) and its staff, and NTC and / or its staff is not liable for any losses / damages incurred by students or external parties as a result of such advice.